Invasive Plant Species

Quick plug for vigorous action on invasive species wherever you see them in Missouri! Here on the farm we are really concerned about the aggressiveness of Russian olives and honey locust, both spread by birds and suckers, and less about the bush honeysuckles which are clearly an enormous problem in the St Louis urban area.

We also pull a lot of sericea and, this year, knapweed and ragweed, but my personal least-favored plant is horse nettle, which has thorns right down to the soil — even on the underside of its leaves!

Last weekend I was shocked, astounded and horrified at the relative length of a locust taproot compared to the height of the seedling. A 3 ft locust had sprouted in the middle of a bed of cover crops, and its main taproot was thicker than the seedling trunk even where it broke two beds away.


So pull these fast-growing non-native plants where you see them and plant something local in their place.