New Bin on the New Plot!

We have officially begun using our downtown garden plot! We plan to grow hot-season annuals and some heat-loving perennials in above-ground beds with a potting mix based on compost from our residential food waste collection (sign up here!)..

As an addition to our family farm west of here, we are very excited to begin operating on a small Land Reclamation Authority (LRA) parcel in the industrial downtown (the LRA garden lease program encourages use of vacant city-owned land for growing vegetable & flowers).

The site is primarily concrete so our downtown garden avoids the worry of contaminated soils that many of the city’s urban gardens face (successfully! I’m thinking of the remediation efforts by Gateway Greening and others), but it’s fully lacking in infrastructure. Today we cut back (some of) the brush taking over the plot, built a new compost bin from reclaimed materials, and brought in barrels of water.

We’re very excited to have a new spot to grow and plan to bring flowers from the site to market next Spring.

The first order of business was to clear the site (this will continue!) and after we had cleared space we formed a bin from pallets — hardwood, heat-treated, chemical-free — which we’re excited to start using.

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