Please Stop Using Lawn Chemicals

A large number of households in our area employ “full-service” lawn-care companies that not only mow but also apply chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and “pest” controls. After speaking with representatives from several area companies I am quite concerned about these applications and hope we will collectively reconsider their use.

  • What is being applied?

    • All companies are applying multiple broadleaf herbicides. Nearly all use both 2,4-d and the newer (and much more toxic & drift-prone) variant dicamba along with either an auxin inhibitor or another class of herbicide

    • Some are spraying neonicotinoid insecticides such as imidocloprid

    • Slug-killing compounds are often used

    • And, of course, chemical fertilizers

  • Why is this a problem?

    • “Neonics” are persistent, highly mobile chemicals that are incredibly toxic to a wide set of insects, and both native bees and honey bees are very sensitive to them

    • As volatile chemicals, 2,4-d and especially dicamba both “drift’ from their application spot and form plumes that can kill plants & trees for hundreds of yards (according to MU research, some ag plumes traveled upwards of 1 mile and killed orchards in their path)

    • The chemical data sheets on these chemicals plainly indicate they are dangerous to humans and household pets, and remain problematic for weeks or months

    • Soil microbes are devastated by ag chemicals

  • Safety Sheets for chemicals used widely in St Louis:

Hopefully everyone will take a few minutes and read about the health and environmental effects of these chemicals and then stop using them.