More Sprouts, Flail Mower Maintenance

The past season was the first with the wide-deck flail mower for the BCS so I used it extensively for heavy brush-clearing in addition to cover crop cutting & maintaining our pathways. This weekend I found out just how heavily when I started annual maintenance and saw the gouges on the blades, so I took most of them off, filed the larger burrs down, and put them back on in new pairings to even the wear. Hopefully I faced the sharper edges toward the cutting direction as well.

Meanwhile, we had more snaps germinate. One tray on the mat farther from the light shot up into weak floppy stems overnight, another looked stronger. All are now in the racks a few inches from the light — hopefully they’ll like their new, less-humid home. Target test planting date is 14 January under agribon.